PEI offers a number of pre-employment screening services to ensure that you are hiring the best person for the job. These services can be administered independently or combined in any manner to best suit your company’s needs. PEI continually monitors the validation of screening instruments to maintain compliance with current legislation, ADA and EEOC mandates. Contact PEI today to have a screening strategy customized for your business!

Pre-Employment Screening Services include:

Personnel Evaluation Profile (PEP)
The Personnel Evaluation Profile is a sophisticated, in-depth survey designed to give the interviewer valuable insight into a job applicant’s attitudes, values and background. Key areas include: honesty, reporting dishonesty, socialization, drugs, employment background, work ethic, absenteeism and tardiness. Save interviewing time, reduce turnover and identify high-risk applicants earlier in the hiring process! The PEP is suitable for use in law enforcement, grocery, retail, service industries, banking, armored car services, warehouse/distribution, government agencies and more.
PEP Flyer

Background Checks
We know how important it is for you to feel confident about the people you are considering for hire. We can conduct criminal, civil, DMV (driving/motor vehicle), education verifications and employment references. We offer accurate, fast results and free consultations on any results we furnish. Our investigators are experts who will get you the information you need. We can also advise you on compliance with applicable state and federal laws. We offer a la carte services or comprehensive background investigations.

Skills Testing
Evaluate candidate suitability by identifying the best match to the essential aspects of the job. PEI has a wide variety of skills tests available to assess your applicant’s knowledge, thereby increasing the likelihood of success in a particular position. PEI has testing available for all levels, including: Sales, Management, Mechanical, Clerical, Customer Service and Leadership. PEI will help you identify the right skills test to use for each of your positions.

Reference Checks
PEI conducts both personal and employment reference checks. To obtain the most accurate picture possible of the real performance, integrity and reliability of your potential hires, our highly professional staff are trained in obtaining information from reluctant references and are skilled at “reading between the lines” of a reference. This will ensure a more meaningful evaluation of your potential hire.

Security Interviews
The Security Interview is one of the most accurate and effective pre-employment screening methods available. It is designed to obtain the real truth from job applicants, not just what they would like you to believe.

Drug Testing
Improve your safety and production standards by testing for illegal drugs! We offer urine and hair analysis testing for your pre-employment, random and post-accident drug testing programs. PEI’S nationwide affiliation of collection facilities and testing labs means there is always a convenient location. Turn-around times typically range from 1-3 days. Our service includes Medical Review Officer (MRO) reviews at no additional cost for lab-tested specimens.

Mass Hires
Personnel Evaluation, Inc. can help you conduct a “mass hire”. From administrative staff, highly trained professional interviewers, ergonomics test administrators and on-site drug screening, PEI can effectively accommodate hundreds of applicants each day, giving individualized attention to each one. Our interviewers use the most effective, legal interviewing techniques. We have conducted “mass hires” for the new store and warehouse openings for over 15 years. Our hiring experts will coordinate with your staff to provide as much help as you need. We have interviewed as many as 300 applicants in a single day, from baggers to order selectors to upper-level management. PEI has staffed complete organizations with up to 500+ employees.