Every employee you hire has the potential to damage your company’s reputation, gouge your profit margin or even expose your company to liability with negligent or unlawful behavior. Beyond that, a “bad hire” can create turnover, causing the loss of your most valuable asset, your employees themselves.

Far beyond basic “due diligence” considerations, background checks are one of the most effective applicant screening tools available. Taking a simple step BEFORE you hire can avoid costly, far-reaching problems down the road – call the experts at PEI!

We can conduct criminal, civil, DMV (driving/motor vehicle) and education background checks, as well as employment and personal references. We offer accurate, fast results and free consultation on any results we furnish. Our investigators are experts who will get you the information you need. We can also advise you on compliance with applicable state and federal law.

What are the types of background checks you can obtain? What’s included in the search? Check out these options:

  • County (Circuit) Court Checks report misdemeanor and felony convictions, as well as criminal traffic violations like DWI’s, which were prosecuted in that county.
  • State Checks query the state repository for criminal cases from all of the circuit courts in the state. Typically, municipal records are NOT included in-state checks.
  • City (Municipal) Court Checks uncover ordinance violations that may include: shoplifting, disorderly conduct, drug paraphernalia, simple assaults, carrying a concealed weapon, and alcohol violations. These offenses are typically only available through direct contact with the city court.
  • Driving Record Checks will report if an individual currently possesses a valid license, and reflects traffic violations/accidents.
  • Federal Court Records contain convictions of federal law such as tax evasion, mail fraud, drug trafficking and certain crimes involving conspiracy. Federal court records are maintained separately and not included with any other courts.
  • Employment Reference Checks verify dates of employment and position. Our staff is skilled at obtaining additional in-depth information from reluctant reference providers.
  • Education Checks confirm an individual’s formal education status. Verify that a diploma, GED, or degree was obtained, or in lieu of graduation, dates of attendance. Official transcripts can also be obtained.
  • Civil Records Checks reflect the individual’s involvement in litigation and are available on a county-by-county basis.
  • Social Security Number Verification helps employers to combat applicant fraud and illegal workers.
  • Probation / Parole Checks will reflect whether an individual is currently, or has been under supervision following a felony or misdemeanor conviction. Information such as the supervising agent’s name and if probation or parole was ever revoked may also be available.

Have more questions about background checks? Contact PEI for more information!