If you suspect or have discovered dishonesty in your workplace, contact Personnel Evaluation prior to confronting the individual! PEI can offer important advice that could make the difference between a successfully resolved workplace investigation and an unfair lawsuit filed against you by an employee.

PEI offers many types of interviewing approaches including Behavioral Analysis Interviewing and Polygraph Examinations!

PEI will assist you in:

  • Establishing whether the suspected individual was actually responsible. Simply terminating a suspect may cause repercussions to you and your reputation. Employees who confess or who are proven guilty leave quietly.
  • Exploring the extent of the damage to your company – what you have seen may be the tip of the iceberg. By taking actions prematurely, you may never know the full extent of the employee’s dishonesty.
  • Discovering whether other employees are also stealing. Without proper investigation, these unknown thieves may continue to steal once you have fired the individual that you suspect. Were other employees aware of the theft?
  • Obtaining restitution or making insurance claims. Prosecuting if you choose.
  • Avoiding unemployment – why reward a thief or a liar with Unemployment? Developing the appropriate information to allow you to discharge without complaints of “unfair” termination.
  • Providing deterrent.
  • Reviewing whether there was information that should have previously alerted your managers to the thefts.
  • Plugging security loopholes.

PEI employs a staff of highly-skilled, experienced interviewers who are trained specifically in the evaluation of personnel and management problems.

PEI has obtained tens of thousands of statements and admissions in regard to company theft, forms of harassment, security infractions and violations of employment policy.

PEI has worked with federal, state, and local law enforcement, investigative agencies, Public Defender and District Attorney’s offices, and hundreds of private attorneys.

The success of Personnel Evaluation, Inc. is rooted in the interviewing skills of our staff, our flexibility to tailor services to the needs of individual clients and the depth of our resources. Our numerous years of affiliation and leadership with corporations, business organizations, and associations include the Wisconsin Association of Personnel Services (WAPS), National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services, Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association and membership (past and present) in various polygraph associations including the WPA, APA, ACP.

Polygraph Testing Our staff of specialized examiners have conducted thousands of employment-related polygraph tests including both Specific Issue and Pre-Employment testing. We will conduct the examinations keeping your company fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

Attorneys, We can help with whatever you need relative to your client’s case. Our expert staff can conduct witness interviews, surveillance and polygraph testing, and skip-tracing. Process service is also available.