Currently used by over 600 law enforcement agencies across the United States, the Personnel Evaluation Profile (PEP) is one of the most effective, cost efficient screening tools available. The PEP is a sophisticated, in-depth written survey designed to provide valuable insight into your candidate’s background, attitudes and beliefs concerning key areas such as: honesty, reporting dishonesty, customer service, socialization, drugs, employment background, work ethic, absenteeism and tardiness. The results can be used to enhance both the candidate’s interview as well as the effectiveness of the background investigation.

The PEP is not meant to replace any industry specific “skills” testing or psychological evaluation, but rather to direct the backgrounding officer as to what areas are weak in this person’s overall character. The PEP can aid in the basic structure of your hiring process — all applicants (sworn law enforcement, correctional/detention officers, communications, CSO’s, administrative, records, technicians, fleet maintenance, etc.) are evaluated on the same questions in the same manner.

The PEP will help you to:

  • Uncover 1/3 more disqualifying criteria
  • Reduce backgrounding hours
  • Quickly indentify high risk applicants
  • Reduce interviewing time for your management
  • Create uniform hiring standards throughout the department

The PEP undergoes continual validation studies and is in compliance with EEOC/ADA guidelines. Applicant’s answers can be scored via fax or internet 24 hours a day, with results being e-mailed directly back instantly. The inclusion of two Distortion Scales ensures that applicants who attempt to falsify the results (or “beat the test”) are evaluated with caution. The detailed, yet easy to read report highlights additional interviewing questions and reference checking questions which make follow-up easy for the interviewer. We also offer a verbal consultation on every result — at no additional fee!

The PEP is not a timed instrument; however, we find the average applicant takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Administration time is minimal for the hiring official.

Law Enforcement PEP Flyer
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