Our experienced staff can conduct these thorough yet noninvasive interviews with your final candidates. These interviews are proven to provide you with the most information available about your applicants. We integrate the PEP results to address any questions or areas of concern identified by the PEP.


A review of 57 phone interviews we recently conducted reflects just how effective these interviews can be:

  • 28% of the applicant’s were caught lying and/or admitted to falsifying their application
  • 12% admitted to theft or receiving stolen property within the last three years
  • 17% admitted to involvement in undetected criminal activity

In most cases, we can conduct these interviews the same business day so you’ll know right away if your candidate is acceptable for hire. We cover many areas such as: employment history, job fit, hidden crimes such as drug use, shoplifting and violent acts as well as job commitment and longevity intentions.