With over 30 years of working with background investigators, PEI has developed a web-based PERSONAL HISTORY QUESTIONNAIRE. This system can integrate with PEI’s customizable Applicant Tracking System or be used as a stand-alone module. It’s extremely affordable for small to medium-sized agencies looking to save time and money in the hiring process, while improving the overall quality of its employees.

PEI’s PHQ encourages truthfulness, has an interactive format that changes upon applicant responses, and prompts follow-up questions. The report provides background investigators with a detailed summary of concern areas so that nothing is missed. It also footnotes any changes the applicant makes while completing the PHQ.

The dashboard helps organize and automate the background process. You can see exactly where each applicant is in the process – what your backgrounder has completed and what still needs to be done. The Event Scheduler in the dashboard allows you to easily schedule and manage various applicant events such as a written test, physical agility test or panel interviews. The consistency report allows you to compare PHQ background information to the PEP results.

Personal History Questionnaire Applicant Management System
  • Save time and organizes the hiring process
  • Fully customizable
  • Set rejection criteria
  • Password re-entry
  • 67 subcategories include:
    • Education/Law Enforcement Certification
    • Criminal Background Checks/Driving Records
    • Military Experience
    • Employment History/Internship Experience
    • Social Media
    • Alcohol/Substance Abuse
    • Previous Law Enforcement Contact
    • Applications with Other Law Enforcement/Government Agencies
    • Ethics
    • Temperament/Fights
    • Financial Information
    • References – employment, family, social
    • Residence History, etc.
  • Manage applicant data efficiently
  • Easy click-and-view interface
  • One central website to access applications, PEP, events and other screening benchmarks
  • Order criminal history checks, drug tests and other pre-employment services directly from the system (if desired)
  • Color coded benchmarks to quickly show the applicant’s status
  • Easily search and sort through all applicants
  • Customizable hiring parameters
  • Open and close positions
  • Information is easily exported to other software programs in .csv format

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