Discover the best approach for interacting with your new employee! Create a positive relationship through better communication! Applicable for management, supervisory, sales, and key positions who have large amounts of interaction with other employees or customers.

The DiSC profile examines four traits: Dominance (ability to overcome opposition to accomplish results); Influence (seek to shape the environment by influencing or persuading others); Steadiness (cooperation with others to carry out tasks); and Conscientiousness (tendency to work within existing circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy). Learn more about:

  • Motivating Factors
  • Tends to Avoid…
  • Handling Stress
  • Preferred Environment
  • Behavior in Conflict Situations
  • How to Discipline
  • Managing Time
  • Ability to Delegate

Average time to complete: 15 minutes.

DiSC® Classic Brochure
Sample DiSC® Report