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Employment Screening

Personnel Evaluation Profile (PEP)

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The PEP survey was designed to give the interviewer valuable insight into a job applicant's attitudes, value, and background. Key areas include: honesty, reporting dishonesty, socialization, drugs, employment background, work ethic, absenteeism, and tardiness.

The PEP will help you to:

Even if you are being "forced" to hire a high-risk applicant (due to a poor applicant pool or immediacy of filling the position), the results of the PEP provide you with valuable information that you can use to help insure this applicant's success. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate up front, you can more effectively hire, train, and retain employees.

The PEP undergoes continual validation studies and is in compliance with EEOC/ADA guidelines. It is available in both English and Spanish. Applicant's answers can be scored via fax, phone, or internet 24 hours a day, with results being faxed or e-mailed directly back--usually within 1-3 minutes!

The PEP has distinct advantages over other screening programs. The inclusion of two Distortion Scales ensures that applicants who attempt to falsify the results (or "beat the test") are evaluated with caution. The detailed, yet easy to read report highlights additional interviewing questions and reference checking questions which make follow-up easy for the interviewer. We also offer a verbal consultation on every result--at no additional fee!

The PEP is not a timed instrument; however, we find the average applicant takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Administration time is minimal for the hiring official. Cost ($6-20 each) is dependent upon volume/commitment.

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Please PRINT* off the following fliers for your office:

PDF General PEP Flyer
PDF The PEP and Other Written Assessments
PDF Why Use the PEP?
PDF PEP Studies: Turnover
PDF *Automated Phone Version*