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Employment Screening for Law Enforcement

Personnel Evaluation offers a variety of proven, effective and budget-friendly screening tools to protect the integrity of your department. Our expert staff can assist you in many different ways – from the initial job posting right through the Post Offer, and every step along the way. Let PEI help alleviate your department's budgetary and staffing challenges. From Maine to California, nearly 500 law enforcement agencies have found the PEI solution!

We offer the following screening services:

Personnel Evaluation Profile (PEP)
Currently in use by nearly 500 law enforcement agencies across the United States, the PEP is one of the most effective, cost efficient screening tools available today. The PEP is a sophisticated, in-depth written survey designed to provide valuable insight into your candidate's attitudes, values, and background. The results can be used to enhance both the candidate's interview as well as the effectiveness of the background investigation.
PDF Law Enforcement PEP Flyer
PDF Police Department Study

Background Checks
We offer a la carte services or complete contract-service background investigations. We can conduct criminal, civil, DMV (driving/motor vehicle), education or credit checks, as well as employment, personal and neighborhood references. We offer accurate, fast results and free consultation on any results we furnish. Our investigators are experts who will get you the information you need. We can also advise you on compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Electronic Application
PEI has developed a web based electronic application that can be customized for your agency. This system allows you to collect on line applications, utilize integrated screening methodology, and manage your applicant base from start to finish.

Training Seminars
Our staff represents experts in numerous areas such as Background Investigations, Interview/Interrogation, Customer Service and Hiring Legalities, to name a few. Ask us how your department can sponsor a training seminar!

Our staff of specialized examiners have conducted thousands of polygraph examinations, including both Specific Issue (criminal case) and Pre Employment testing. We will conduct the examinations keeping your agency fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

Phone Interviews
We have interviewers trained in conducting these highly effective, cost efficient screening interviews. Minimally intrusive and logistically simple to administer, this may by the perfect screening solution for your agency.

Promotional Evaluations
PEI offers a range of written and one-on-one assessments guaranteed to provide an objective, comprehensive evaluation of your personnel. From First Line to Command Level positions, we can provide you with the information you need to make a fair and accurate choice when facing these difficult staffing decisions.
Written Assessments
Law Enforcement Achiever Sample PDF


“A valuable tool for both assessments of new applicants in pre-employment screening as well as for investigative purposes.”
- Chief Jim Arts, Green Bay Police Dept. (WI)

“We have found the PEP product to be an outstanding addition to our employment screening process. This assessment tool serves as a virtual compass allowing us to navigate through the many complex issues related to pre-employment applicant investigations.”
- Sheriff Tracy Brown, Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Dept. (IN)

“…Regret the times I did not trust in the PEP results. I grew more and more confident about the results the more I used it!”
- Sheriff Bruce Daniels, Taylor County Sheriff’s Dept. (WI)

"We use the Personnel Evaluation Profile as a part of the process for hiring new Police Officers. We found it to be a valuable tool to augment the background investigation. The Customer Service was exceptional. The Representative from P.E.I. spent 45 minutes on the phone interpreting results from three finalists. We would not consider hiring a candidate without having them take the PEP."
- Chief Barry Fritz, Richfield Police Dept. (MN)

“We used the Personnel Evaluation Profile for the first time last year when hiring Correction's Officers for our new Jail. Using the PEP to gain valuable insight into the applicants' work habits and personality traits prior to the interview has been very effective. The results were so successful that now our Dispatch Center and Law Enforcement Center are using the PEP and our other county departments are considering using it as a part of their hiring procedures. The feedback from PEI is fast and costs are budget friendly.”
- Rick Boland, Jail Administrator, Pine County Jail (MN)

"We have found this an inexpensive and valuable tool during the assessment center. The PEP provided insightful information into the candidates’ background and I recommend using it again during the oral interviews."
- Chief Mike Jungbluth, West Allis Police Department (WI)

"The PEP is a very helpful tool for Administration in the screening process of applicants prior to the background investigation. I also appreciate the customer service and the availability to the background investigator."
- Sheriff Gary A. Ringhofer, Steele County Sheriffs Office (MN)

“A very helpful and beneficial tool when screening applicants prior to running backgrounds.”
- Deputy Chief Don Bates, Fitchburg Police Dept. (WI)