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Background Checks

Recently, an elementary school principal was murdered by one of his teachers. The teacher had a criminal record in the state where she was born and raised. School officials did not know about her record when they hired her. Had they known about it, officials reportedly stated, “it would have stopped us from hiring her.”

As the above example demonstrates, it is very important to know as much as possible about who you are hiring. Every employee you hire has the potential to damage your company’s reputation, gouge into your profit margin, or even expose your company to liability for their negligent or unlawful behavior. Beyond that, a “bad hire” can create turnover, causing the loss of your most valuable asset, your employees themselves.

Taking a simple step BEFORE you hire can avoid costly, far-reaching problems down the road – call the experts at PEI!

We can conduct criminal, civil, DMV (driving/motor vehicle), education or credit checks, as well as employment and personal references. We offer accurate, fast results and free consultation on any results we furnish. Our investigators are experts who will get you the information you need. We can also advise you on compliance with applicable state and federal law.

Here is some information about the various checks available you may find helpful:

  • City (Municipal) Court Checks will report ordinance violations. Examples include: shoplifting, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple assault, carrying concealed weapon and alcohol violations. These conviction records are typically not available through county, state or federal record checks.
  • County (Circuit) Court Checks will report misdemeanor and felony convictions as well as criminal traffic violations (such as DWI, driving after revocation, etc.) that occurred in that particular county’s jurisdiction. Examples include: robbery, theft, possession of controlled substances, domestic violence and receiving stolen property.
  • State Checks will report misdemeanor, felony and criminal traffic conviction records (see examples listed above) for all Circuit Courts within the state. Typically, Municipal records are NOT contained in state record checks.
  • Probation / Parole Checks will reflect whether an individual is currently, or has been under supervision following a felony or misdemeanor conviction. Information such as the supervising agent's name and if probation or parole was ever revoked may also be available.
  • Federal Court Records will report any convictions of federal law such as tax evasion, mail fraud, counterfeiting and certain crimes involving conspiracy.
  • Driving Record Checks will report if an individual currently posses a valid license, and reflects traffic violations they have received, as well as accidents they were involved in, within a “relevant” time frame.
  • Civil Records Checks reflect the individual's involvement in litigation (either as a defendant or plaintiff) and are available on a county-by-county basis. Evictions, repossessions, small and large claims as well as tax liens are examples of civil cases.
  • Credit Checks report the individual's credit history, including current credit obligations, judgments and collections. These reports may also reflect other names a person has used and their residence history.
  • Social Security Number Verification allows employers to combat fraudulent or undocumented applicants.
  • Education Checks can confirm an individual's formal education status (either GED, high school or post secondary). Confirmation of diploma or degree obtained, or in lieu of graduation, dates of attendance can typically be confirmed. With appropriate release, official transcripts can also be obtained.
  • Employment Reference Checks offer a variety of useful information, including confirmation of dates of employment, position, responsibilities, the reason the individual left and their eligibility for re-hire. Additionally, our staff is skilled at obtaining in-depth information about the applicant's work ethic, attitude, learning curve and integrity, even from “reluctant” reference providers.

Far beyond basic “due diligence” considerations, background checks are one of the most effective applicant screening tools available. Put our experts to work and find out who you are really hiring!